Head Brewer Justin Tisdale

Starting as a home brewer in Upstate New York, Justin Tisdale began exploring the brewing world and learning about the intricacies of various beer styles. After 8 years of home brewing, while working a career in the music industry, Justin decided to make the leap to commercial brewing.

With his extensive working experience within the Rhode Island brewing community, and degrees from the Siebel Institute and the American Brewers Guild, Justin is excited to assume the role of head brewer.  He will certainly keep the tap list interesting at Apponaug!

Assistant Brewer Kris Waugh came to brewing via a somewhat indirect route.  She worked in retail for a few years, co-owned a recruiting company and owned a boatyard.  These jobs, none of which tapped into her creative interests, and her passion for baking led her to pursue a new career as a brewer. Kris would like you all to know that she loves cats.

At Apponaug Brewing Company they share their passion for brewing with Rhode Island’s craft beer community by creating an array of thoughtfully crafted brews designed for drink-ability by the glass or growler.  Our goal is to ensure that whether you prefer a lite domestic beer, the international classics, or something weird and exciting, there’s a beer with your name on it at Apponaug Brewing Company.